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Popular monocle accessories

Some popular monocle accessories can be found below: Bowler Hat The Bowler hat can also be called the Derby or Coke and it is a truly iconic British classic. The Bowler hat is believed to have been invented by Edward Coke when he needed something to protect his head when riding a horse.  Before that Top Hats kept getting knocked off from over-hanging branches. The Bowler became fashionable with the gentry, civil servants and bankers but over the years has become a mainstream fashion statement. The Bowler is usually made from luxury Black Fur Felt and comes with a 2.5cm Ribbon Band and Bow. Famous wearers include Charlie Chaplin (pictured above) Winston Churchill, Liza Minelli in Cabaret and countless iconic films over the years!...

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Surge in monocles being worn

Citation: Reports suggest there has been a surge in hipsters wearing monocles. But why do people usually wear them, asks Denise Winterman. Sir Patrick Moore started wearing one at the age of 16 and always accessorised it with a bushy eyebrow. Where he led, hipsters are reportedly following. The monocle, a corrective lens for a single eye, is making a comeback in cities as far flung as Manhattan, Cape Town and Berlin, according to the New York Times. But apart from being a fashion statement, why do people wear them? They're usually worn by people who are long-sighted to see things close up, says Daniel Cullen, who runs a company selling specialist eyewear including monocles. They are handy and are popular...

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History of the Monocle

Who invented the monocle? One of the earliest known wearers of the monocle was the antiquarian Philipp Von Stosch who wore a monocle in Rome in the 1720s, in order to closely examine engravings and antique engraved gems (although in actual fact corrective lenses date back to pharaonic Egypt and ancient Athens) The monocle, however, did not become an established article of gentlemen's apparel until the nineteenth century. The template for rimless eyeglasses dates back to around 1814 when an Austrian inventor named J.F. Voigtlander marketed a rimless monocle. At the time, eyeglasses were not considered an acceptable fashion statement and carried connotations of one being elderly or a member of the clergy (only clergymen tended to be literate enough...

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