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Popular monocle accessories

Some popular monocle accessories can be found below:

Bowler Hat

The Bowler hat can also be called the Derby or Coke and it is a truly iconic British classic. The Bowler hat is believed to have been invented by Edward Coke when he needed something to protect his head when riding a horse.  Before that Top Hats kept getting knocked off from over-hanging branches.
The Bowler became fashionable with the gentry, civil servants and bankers but over the years has become a mainstream fashion statement.
The Bowler is usually made from luxury Black Fur Felt and comes with a 2.5cm Ribbon Band and Bow.
Famous wearers include Charlie Chaplin (pictured above) Winston Churchill, Liza Minelli in Cabaret and countless iconic films over the years!


People have smoked pipes since the dawn of recorded time and have been found in Egypt dating back to 2000 BC. Archaeologists have found them inside tombs, next to mummies, which show just how important they were to the users.

Over the centuries the Romans, Greeks, Celts and Nords, all smoked tobacco pipes. 

Despite the obvious health problems caused by smoking the tobacco pipe, it is still popular today than ever with numerous websites sporting all manner of designs and material compositions.

But, to complete the look the pipe is an awesome addition to the monocle, echoing its ancient past and complimenting the stylish look.   


Walking Cane

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