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What is the purpose of wearing a monocle?

While the monocle's popularity faded in the mid-twentieth century, it has enjoyed occasional fashion resurgences. In recent years, fashionistas and those who like retro style have adopted the monocle as a distinguishing accessory.

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Why Wear a Monocle Instead of Glasses?

The monocle is a classic accessory that will always look good and get people's attention. It has an old-world charm that can be challenging to reproduce with eyeglasses. Reading glasses are no longer at risk of being misplaced or lost because it is always available.

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Who Wears a Monocle?

The popularity of the monocle has piggybacked the resurgent hipster revolution but apart from these wonderfully cool dudes who else wears a monocle? Let’s start by firstly looking at who invented the monocle, the original pioneer who recognised that in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man would be king.

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How Do Monocles Stay On Your Face?

The monocle is designed to sit comfortably between the fleshy parts of the eyebrow and fleshy part of the lower eye socket above the cheekbone. The metal frame of the eyepiece has a protruding ledge called "The Gallery".  It is specifically located at the top and bottom sitting proud of the mainframe. Benefits of the Monocle Gallery Ensures the lens sits clear of the eyelashes to allow you to blink naturally. Allows a secure fit with relaxed muscles around the eye Allows custom prescriptions with astigmatism as the gallery orientates the lens each time it is positioned Prevents scratches if you place the monocle down on rough surfaces. Muscles That Hold the Monocle in Place The Orbicularis Oculi is a strong...

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