In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is KING!

Monocle - Custom Lens - Gold
Monocle - Custom Lens - Gold
Monocle - Custom Lens - Gold

Monocle - Custom Lens - Gold

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Custom Order Instructions

Complete the form above to customise your gold monocle. 

  1. Select eye you would like to wear in.
  2. Select the lens use
  3. Choose the between clear, blue blocking, sunglasses, polarized or transitional material
  4. Coatings are optional for clear lenses (Anti-Scratch Standard)
  5. Enter you lens details
  6. Uplaod a picture of your parameters
  7. Hit add to basket to purchase 

Pack Contains

  • x1 gold monocle
  • x1 black neck cord
  • x1 signature branded Monocle Madness™ tin

    Dimensions: 37mm diameter

    Features: The rim has a gallery on the back of the reading monocle for an extra comfortable fit when held in place.

    Materials: Stainless steel construction, lightweight lens customised to your numbers and material that you choose.

    We are a UK company and all orders ship quickly via UPS (UK) or Royal Mail or UPS (USA & Internationally).  Your order supports a small business with two employees.

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