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The Ultimate Etiquette, Style and Social Guide

What Does Etiquette Mean In The Modern Day

The customary code or practice of polite behaviour in society.

How do we define etiquette today? The meaning of the word has evolved to include different codes of conduct. Sit back, relax and enjoy the next five minutes as we take you through the rules of engagement for everything from day to day life, dating, styling or Netflix and chilling.


Everyday Essentials To Guide You Through Life

Essential tips for making it through the day no matter what situation may arise,

  • Hold the door open, but not so far ahead that they have to jog out of politeness, that gets a little bit awkward.
  • Don’t broadcast videos or music in public, when did this become acceptable? It didn’t!
  • Common sense is required if giving up your seat for somebody, most will appreciate the offer but some will wonder what you are insinuating.
  • No need to shout down the phone in public places, not everybody wants to hear your conversation.
  • Don’t be that person at the coffee shop who buys a flat white at 08:30am and is still ‘milking' it through the lunch service into the afternoon because you have work to do.


Manners With Your Mates and Socialising With Friends

It’s not often you find manners and mates together, there are not many jokes that are off limits and time spent together is usually full of laughs. However, there are some unwritten rules that go unspoken that glue this special bond together.

  • Skipping rounds, upgrading on a friends round and over ordering when splitting the bill is classic douchebag behaviour. Don’t do it, pay your way!
  • Ex’s are off limits, always, even in a year or 10 years, and when they say they don’t mind, they clearly do.
  • Never, ever, poke fun at a friend to make yourself look good, not cool!
  • We all have that one mate who likes to organise everything and layout the deposits, promptly reimburse them, these friends are a rare breed, hold onto them.
  • Have a friend in need? Live close to a pal moving house? It falls on you to help with the move that weekend. Fear not for they have the responsibility of buying the beer and pizza.


Style Guide, Manners And Group Outings

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” Tom Ford famously said. Take a look below as we show you the link between good etiquette and great dressing.

  • A compliment can make somebody’s day, like their new outfit? Tell them! But don’t get it twisted because imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery.
  • No sunglasses on evenings or indoors, no exceptions. You are not being inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame.
  • Unsure of the event formality? Always dress up rather than dress down. Better to be the only one overdressed than underdressed.
  • Going somewhere nice in a group? Always look the part, don’t be that person who gets the group turned away because they failed the crepe check.
  • This one goes without saying! If your partner asks if something looks good on them, it always does!


Dating Decorum, A Guide To A Successful First Date

Here we cover the do’s and do nots of dating decorum. In the age of tinder one must know how to have an enjoyable evening leaving our date ready to swipe right.

  • Have an up to date profile pic, your date will want you to be honest about that receding hairline.
  • Right from the very start, take the initiative, organise the first date, few things are less sexy than asking “So, what do you fancy doing?”
  • Offer your date the seat of their choice, you will most likely have to concede the prized window seat.
  • Offer to pay on the first date, but never insist.
  • Always send a message the day after, if not sooner. Guys? dont leave it a week, show some effort!
  • Put your phone away for goodness sake! Aeroplane mode is the key to success here.


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