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Gift Ideas For Somebody Who Is Impossible To Buy For

With Christmas around the corner, it’s that time of year where we all give some thought to the gifts we are going to be treating our friends and family with.

We all have that one person in our lives who is impossible to buy for so save yourself the headache this year.

We bring you the best gift ideas this side of Santa’s Grotto.



For the Football Freaks


Got the Kit? Got The Scarf? Got the Mug? Sounds all too familiar when looking for another gift in your favourite football freaks club colours.

We bet they haven’t got the eyewear, Fan Frames has got you covered. They have Glasses, Sunglasses and Glasses Cases for the football fans in your life.



For The Gadget Geeks

Smartphone Aeroplane

Fold the plane, attach the Bluetooth device, download the app, and let the amazing flight begin.



For the Nature Lovers

Reusable Drinking Straws

Plastic pollution is the top topic at the moment as we all look at ways we can reduce the damage we are causing to the planet.

Turtle Savers are running a campaign to prevent 500,000 plastic straws polluting the ocean by selling through 1000 packs of reusable stainless steel straws.

Even better the net profits are going towards saving turtles so grab your guilt-free stocking fillers and surprise your friends of the earth.



For The Kids

Mammoth Ride On Rocker

This adorable and fluffy Rocking Ride-On Mammoth (called Neo!) is possibly the most gorgeous kid's ride-on toy EVER! Sure to get all tots and certainly their responsible elders swooning.



For Him

Reading Monocle

“I’m not bothered this year” rings a bell doesn’t it? Men are notoriously difficult to buy for so we have searched far and wide to find you the ultimate gift accessory.

The chaps at Monocle Madness have created quite the quirky stocking filler that we can only describe as ‘Splendid Sir’

Practical and portable the monocle can be used as a reading aid or as fashion accessory, watch that face light up when they open a 

monocle on Christmas morning.



For Her

Prosecco Bon Bon Jar

Why should children have all the best sweets? Try the delicious Prosecco flavoured Bon Bons and tantalise your taste buds. Flavoured with the irresistible Prosecco taste without the alcohol. The little treats are sure to delight anyone partial to the fizzy stuff.



For The Foodie

Christmas Dinner Box

And even more flavour to your Christmas dinner this year with these exciting seasonings from Ross & Ross.



For The Home

Personalised Giftware 

Show her you care this Christmas by putting a personal touch to your giftware.

LANKYCOW do personalised, engraved, creative giftware, they focus mainly on kitchen accessories so you can make the favourite room in the house much more homely.

There is nothing they can’t customise so make your selection and make it personal!



Stocking Fillers

Henry Screen Cleaner

Keep your screens clean with Henry!

It has a soft microfibre base to clean dust off your tablet, mobile or laptop and comes in a fun Henry the hoover design.



Secret Santa

Roulette Drinking Game

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!

Looking for fun new ways to get the drinks in? With the spin n shot roulette drinking game, your house parties will never lack for raucous entertainment again!


Let us know how the shopping is going, leave your comments below!

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