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5 Essential Accessories To Complete A Mens Steampunk Outfit

The steampunk scene is an explosion of outlandish statement piece fashion inspired by 18th-century steam-powered machinery. It features lots of metal cogs, piping pressed and patterned metals in elaborate designs using antique bronze, silver and gold metallics.

Everything goes around in circles and established fashion houses have been around the block a few times re-spinning the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

People want an alternative to what seen as normal to express themselves more freely and stand out in a crowd. A reaction to this perceived ‘norm’ fashion has been seen with the rise of cosplay across the globe. Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok is enabling those small pockets of people have formed communities that have grown in popularity around the world.

The Steampunk scene is even more appealing because it merges both the past and the future with science fiction that has been successful in many blockbuster movies like the Time Machine, Phileas Fogg’s Around The World In 80 Days up to the most recent like the Hansel and Gretal Witch Hunter Series to mention just a few.

Those communities now meet up at conventions all over the world allowing individuals to exhibit their latest look and share with like-minded people. The breadth of creativity and accessories have also spawned businesses making and selling many accessories to support this growing scene.

Here are 5 essential items to finish a gentleman’s steampunk outfit.

Lincoln Tall Top Hat

The ultimate statement for men is this strong headwear that gives you a presence immediately. Then customise by adding a reversible hat spat and you are off to a great start.

A great selection can be found at the Dark Knight Armoury

Gauntlet Gloves

In leather with as many straps, studs and buckles as you can find, or even better get creative by adding more of them so you have a one of a kind creation.

A great selection can be found at the Historical Emporium

Clock Work Necklace


Find the biggest metallic clockwork creation you can find and place on a thick matching cog chain and that should finish off any outfit. The trick is to make each item bold enough to stand out yet match the overall theme of your outfit.

A great selection can be found at the International Craft


There are two viable options here depending on the image you are projecting. If its the Victorian gentleman look you are after then there is nothing more classic then the Monocle for sophistication. But if you are going for the active look such as a Baron, Aeronaut, Vampire Hunter or Explorer then its oversized goggles all the way!

A great selection can be found at the Monocle Madness

Walking Cane With Decorative Top


All Steampunk characters exude wealth and confidence and the decorative walking cane has always been closely associated with both. The decorative tops are perfect to show off your individual style and perfect to finish off any outfit.

We would love you to share your latest and greatest steampunk accessories with us.


  • Doc Cox
    Wouldn,t life be better if we embraced Steampunk ideals and Fashion.

  • Renaud Bouchard
    A perfectly elegant costume and an eyeglass are the hallmarks of an accomplished gentleman. Ignore the smiles of commiseration. The “sprezzatura” is natural or it does not exist. There is no alternative. The monocle or nothing.

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