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The Over 45s Extreme Travel Guide Made Easy

Think you have used your monocle for just about anything and everything? Think again! We are going to show you just how practical and portable these little gems can be.

Welcome to a new challenge-free life when it comes to seeing, there won’t be a situation you will face that can’t be corrected instantly. The shackles are off, we are going to take you from the comfort of your own home and go on a wild ride around the globe as we show you what can be achieved with your Monocle.


Summit Mount Everest

Earths highest mountain at 8848m above sea level, located in the Himalayan mountain range, the border between Nepal and China runs across its summit point. To summit, this monster peak makes for the most compelling and challenging adventure.

Why climb all that way, battle through snow storms, risk freezing to death to take in the world’s greatest view if you aren’t able to see it properly, simply pull the monocle out form your coat, place in one’s eye and hey presto, enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The Roughest River Kayak Through The Congo’s Inga Rapids

Only one rafting team has ever survived the paddling the Congo River Rapids but that isn’t going to stop us right? Right!

You can expect to face 40ft waves, waterfalls, huge hydraulics, whirlpools and water moving at 30mph. All this of course after you have been granted permission to enter one of the world’s most politically unstable nations.

Secure the long cord around the neck, we are going to need some leeway here as we tackle the tide. Fix the monocle in the eye, strap yourself in, cross them fingers and toes and “enjoy” the ride.


Insane Caving In Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

You face a six-hour trek through the jungle just to get here but boy is worth it.

The largest cave in the world is so supermassive it has its own climate and ecosystem, river and jungle.  It is more than 2.5 miles long, 600 feet tall in places and contains the world’s biggest stalagmite standing at 262 foot tall.

Secure the headlamp, pull out the compass, read your map and become the ultimate adventurer. The prepared don’t need luck and with your monocle, always around your neck, you won’t put a foot wrong as you tackle Vietnams most extreme.


Skiing Challenge At La Garve, France

This isn’t a regular resort, it’s a no holds barred expert’s only kind of terrain. The trip begins with a cable car ride up to an eye-watering 10,500 feet before tackling mostly unmarked routes, dodging crevices and cliff faces with the added threat of avalanches along the way.

We are not saying your monocle can help bring you down the mountain safely, you will need a guide for that. But we are sure, if you do make it down in one piece you will be ready for an après ski.

No need to rush back for those reading glasses, your monocle is around your neck, you forgot didn’t you? 

You can hardly notice its there, scan the menu, find yourself something strong, order two and relax.


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